Dr. Te-Tzu CHANG, 1927~2006

Dr. T.T. CHANG (Te-Tzu CHANG)  1927~2006

The eminent Geneticist Dr. Te-Tzu CHANG passed away on March 24th, 2006 at the age of 80.  Dr. T.T. CHNAG is the world authority on rice genetics and conservation.  His research on the rice breeding has led to huge progress in rice productivity throughout Asia, Africa, and South America.  His "Gondwana theory” remains the most convincing hypothesis on the origins of rice. After his retirement in 1992, Dr. CHANG still contributed his expertise as adviser to various organisations such as CIMMYT and International Cooperation and Development Fund (Taiwan).  Dr. CHANG died at Tamsui, a small village in northern TAIWAN, where he enjoyed his peaceful life of retirement in an apartment that faces paddy fields.

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