More companies and seed stores/nurseries:


Acegreen Seed Co. 23 Sheng Li Rd., Tainan, TAIWAN fax: 886-6-2342136
Agronew Trading Co. 432 Chung-Jeng Rd., Feng-Yuan City, TAIWAN fax: 886-4-25242689
All Lucky Seed Co. 3F, 22 Huai-Ning St., Taipei, TAIWAN fax: 886-2-23314095
Asusa Spike Seeds, Inc. 180-3F, Zhong Xiao E Rd. Sec 6, Taipei, 115 Taiwan TEL: 02-27886468
Fax:  02-27839877
Ching Long Seed Co. No. 4-1, Lane 340, Hsi Shu Rd., Tainan, TAIWAN fax: 886-6-2621755
Evergrow Seed Co. 21 Hsin Chung Rd., Tainan, TAIWAN fax: 886-6-2642088 
Foreport Enterprises 1F, No. 244-1, Sec. 5, Ming Shen East Rd., Taipei, TAIWAN tel: 886-2-27625771

Hsin Nong Seed Co. P.O. Box 1-2 San-Chung City, Taipei, TAIWAN fax:886-2-29776230
Known You Seed Co. 26 Chung Cheng 2nd Rd., Kaohsiung 80244, TAIWAN fax: 886-7-2227299
Lida Agricultural Materials Business Co.  No. 125, I-The Str., San-Shin Hsiang, I-lan Hsien 266
tel: 886-3-9892279
fax: 886-3-9893122
mobile: 886-932 360630
Pan-Asian Seed Co. 15, Alley 15, Lane 267, Hsin Hsing Rd., Tainan, TAIWAN fax: 886-6-2650646
SunTech Seed Co No.68 Chungde 16th St.,Tainan City 701 TAIWAN TELG+886-6-3364483   FAXG+886-6-2698002   MobileG+886921693757

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