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Calculating the Ellis and Roberts' Seed
Viability Equation in EXCEL


Viability Equation:    

n =  Ki -  P · ( 1/10Ke - CwlogM - ChT - CqT2 )

n = final % viability after p days storage
Ki = initial viability at p = 0 days
P   = storage days
M  = moisture content of the seed (hermetically sealed)
T   = temperature (not fluctuated)
Ke, Cw, Ch, Cq = viability constants, species specified


some references:

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press: SAMP 1  or    SAMP 2   to open the file, if  using IE 4.0 or higher, or stored in hard disk and open as an excel file.


  1. stored the seed sample bags at constant environment.
  2. at due time, withdraw one bag and test % germination.
  3. get at least three tests.
  4. input A4 and B4 for the fist test, A5 and B5 for the second......
  5. viability equation instantly presented: i.e. Y = 2.8799 -0.092168132 X
  6. to predict viability after x days storage, just key in E14 or below
  7. or consult the figure in other worksheet: probit / percent

SAMP 2: to predict storage days or storage condition (temperature, seed moisture content) needed in some species..