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另參考:(2005) 新憲研修 農業不應缺席


146 條  國家應運用科學技術,以興修水利,增進地力,改善農業環境,規劃土地 利用,開發農業資源,促成農業之工業化

按,目前聯合國系統已經建議由工業化農業轉型到生態、小農體系,見: http://seed.agron.ntu.edu.tw/agdiversity/family farm2014.htm




104    農業

(1)    聯邦規定農業應予以持續,並且進行市場導向生產,俾能:

a. 確保糧食之提供;

b. 維護生活之自然基礎,並且照顧鄉村景觀;

c. 分散國境內居住。

(2) 合理範圍下農業須自立,但聯邦應促進攸關土壤管理的鄉村產業,必要時得偏離自由經濟原則。

(3) 聯邦應結合各項措施,俾使農業達成其多功能任務,特別應提供如下動力與目標:







(4) 聯邦之資金挹注來自農業領域與聯邦一般性之財源。


Switzerland Constitution


Article 104  Agriculture

(1) The Federation provides for the fact that agriculture achieves a substantial contribution through a lasting and market oriented production:

a. to secure the provision of the population;

b. to the maintenance of natural foundations of life and to foster the rural scenery;

c. to a decentralized inhabitation of the country.

(2) In addition to reasonable self-help of agriculture and if necessary deviating from the principle of economic freedom, the Federation promotes soil-managing rural enterprises.

(3) The Federation aligns the measures in such a way that agriculture fulfills its multi-functional tasks. It has particularly following powers and tasks:

a. It supplements the rural income by direct payments to achieve an appropriate remuneration for adduced outputs, provided that an ecological performance certificate is given;

b. It promotes with economically worthy incentives production forms, which are nature near, environmental and animal friendly;

c. It adopts rules on the declaration of origin, quality, production method and processing method for food;

d. It protects the environments against impairments by excessive use of fertilizer, chemicals and other auxiliary substances;

e. It may encourage agricultural research, counseling, and education, and render investment assistance;

f. It may adopt rules on the consolidation of rural property.

(4) The Federation invests therefore dedicated funds from the agricultural field and general federal funds.